Practicing Happiness to Boost Your Successes

Some of us are happy, some are sad/depressed/frustrated. As the sentence suggests, we can name the negative things as much as we want, they are negative at last.
But, the point is, everyone among us -the humans- want to be happy. Some people listen to the music, some smoke, some drink, some say prayers, some share their stories and hardships.


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As a solution, or you can say; a good alternative. Shawn Achor- A researcher, author, speaker and a preacher of #scienceofhappiness.


Shawn Achor says:

“Happiness is a choice, happiness is an advantage, happiness spreads”

Shawn Achor believes that, happiness in an advantage. He believes that:

“Happiness drives Success, not the other way around”In his TED Talk (, Shawn says:

“What we found is that only 25% of job successes are predicted by your IQ. 75% of job successes are predicted by your optimism levels, your social support and your ability to see stress as a challenge instead of a threat”

Struggles with negative thoughts:

Has anyone among you people ever encountered the problems? Well, everyone does. But the thing is, how you respond to it. Whether you learn something, or you get consumed over it. Whether you get something positive of of it, or you get ditched in the depression abyss.

Shawn Achor suggests not to make the successes a criteria for your happiness, but to make it other way around. I have encountered the depression problems in my life.

Whenever I see something/some standard higher than mine, naturally a desire comes to approach that level. As a result, entangled in the valleys of failure, the mind gets upset. But I’ve seriously considered Shawn’s approach and I passed my whole day being ‘Happy’, not focusing on what I should have, but on what I have.

Live the present and relish it.

Someone very accurately said:

“Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too.”

Just look at Shawn’s facials in the photo, and consider the above cited quotation. Aren’t emotions contagious?Obviously Yes Man! So Be happy to make others so!

Another problem which is haunting me all the day long and all the way long is to retrieve the lost things/ones. We make many mistakes in our lives, we lose, we get. Again reiterating “Learn from your past, don’t get consumed over it”. Believe that everything, every instance happens due to some reason, it is willed by God.

I’ve modified my mindset, I’m now a firm believer in the wills of God. I believe that he is doing everything well planed and well reasoned. I am much better at it now. Let the bygones be bygones, live in your NOW.

Shawn Achor runs his channel, his happiness campaign by the title The Happiness Advantage.

He says that the productivity of our mind increases by 31% when we are working with positive mindset, i.e. It gives you an advantage in your daily life works, so it’s not a bad deal. Be Happy!

How to become happy:

Shawn Achor puts forward a formula to practice happiness in your daily routine. The good news is, this practice only demands 2 minutes span of your day.

Some acts to practice happiness. (Source: Shawn Achor TED Talk)

I’ve practiced these, and believe me, they work. I will discuss some of them:

Random Acts of Kindness:

Random acts of kindness are a great way to practice happiness, All you have to do is very simple. Just try to put your humbleness, favor or whatever you call it, into the people you encounter everyday with. It can be an energetic smile you pass on someone, a lively handshake, make someone cross the road etc.

The magnitude doesn’t matter, but yes, your intentions matter.

3 Gratitudes:

God has blessed you a lot, believe it or not. So, love your people around you, love whatever God has given you. Praise him well. Thanks Him for whatever you have and ask with love, whatever you want. Don’t mourn over the lost.

Pay your gratitudes to God for even the smallest things you got. That practice will make you happy.


Even though, God has blessed us countless, you can write some of them down.

“If I am writing this blog right now, that’s the blessing of Allah, I admire Him”.

Just give your 1–2 minutes of the day to write down the blessings of God you’ve, you’ll be surprised and happy to count them.

A last advice from my side, if you want to sustain your happiness in your life, apart from these happiness activities,

“Never expect anything from a human. Do selflessly. Because it creates problems and that’s my life experience. Believe and expect only from one God”

A video message for you people:

Ending result is:

Be Happy!


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