How I plan to become a better learner

To become a better learner, you have to overcome the challenges that confront you in that journey.

Lifelong learning is the “ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated” pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Therefore, it not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development, but also self-sustainability, as well as competitiveness and employability.

Learning doesn’t end with the courses, it continues throughout your life.

Key for an effective Life

One of them is frequently encountered, procrastination. I am an engineering student. As a student, I have to work, have to plan things accordingly.

A famous Learning expert, Barbara Oakley gives a brief demonstration of a focused and diffused thinking modes and the ways to improve it.

Comparison of Focused and Diffused mindsets by Barbara Oakley

Barbara Oakley says:

Metaphor and analogy are helpful if you are trying to learn something new.

This analogy can be compared in any forms in your life. Making an analogy first of all makes it easy to understand something and it also makes it easy to remember.

Video lecture: Making Analogies

The other lesson in the video which inspired me, was the analogy of the procrastination monster with the zombie.

Barbara Oakley gives a comparison of the work burden with the means of refreshments, which deviates us from the cause, the work, we are meant to do, in the following picture.

Procrastination and ‘Getting Rid Of’ techniques

Barbara Oakley gives two ways to combat that procrastination monster:

1- Pomodoro

2- To-Do Lists

Barbara compares Pomodoro and Procrastination


The teachings of the Learning author, Barbara is helpful when we apply these techniques in our life.

If we delay our work, we can get a good chance to have some entertainment but that will eventually result in the depression, stress and many other problems.

Planning your life, your work can make your life smooth. It doesn’t matter whether you have a little task to do or to make some huge tasks, always plan well.

Even though, we will face the zombies of the procrastinations in our work, but planning things and making arrangements, planning it well will eventually result better.

And the secret behind the applicability of the teaching of Barbara is the first principle of learning and Amal Academy,


Albert Einstein says:

Once you stop learning, you start dying

Islam promotes learning. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says:

Learning of a person goes on from the lap of mother (cradle) to grave.

He (PBUH) also said:

Learn, even if you have to travel China (Several Miles)

Concluding, I would say that very fact which our ancestors emphasised on: ‘You are a student till your death”.

Be a good learner, Be an explorer!






Nourishment of the future BUILDERS

Children are an important part of the society and the society is in turn the main factor for defining the character of the growing child. In a society, comes the family (the most important), the friends circle, the neighbourhood, the society.

Role of the family:

Image result for parents guidance

Family is the first place to learn for a student. For the early days of life, a child remains in the custody of parents and most precisely, the mother.

The concept of the religion ‘Islam’ about the contribution of a mother in the training of a child is narrated:

The cradle of mother is the first training center (school) of a child.

Image result for parents guidance

Being parents is a huge responsibility, because:

The childhood is the trailer of the life episodes.

A child is a quick adapter. He/she changes his/her personality keeping the parents an ideal for them. Like a newborn baby is just a body who can only cry. It adapts the language of the parents, the acts of the parents and the words of the parents.

As Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

You will be questioned for your belongings (in the afterlife)

First thing important for the nourishment of the children is to guide them for the right. The second thing is  to stop them from the evil, the bad.

Guiding to the right is not really an easy thing but is somewhat a bit straight. But it requires your own actions too, to guide them for the right. Like if you want your children to be regular in prayers, you must give them an example.

Refraining from evil is a bit tactic thing in this regard. Because, sometimes you have to stop them by

  • Acting
  • Scolding
  • Punishing

I, myself am thinking a lot before writing this part.

Action against any bad made must first of all be by words, we have to tell them what is right and what is wrong. We can give them the examples from the lives, the lives of heroes, the lives of our forefathers, the lives of Companions (Radiallahu Anhum Ajmaeen), the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the lives of other Prophets (Salamullah Alaihim Ajmaeen). We can also teach them the moral stories.

Action demands your time. Give your children a proper time to understand their routines, their needs and their demands. Understand their schedule and plan it with your partner.

Scolding is the second option. It is necessary and pertinent in retaining your fear in the hearts of the children. They must have a fear in their hearts that if father/mother gets to know that I did something wrong, I am going to be down in their standards.

One important tip in this regard is:

“Do not fear your children to Allah, rather make them fear the displeasing of Allah”

Punishing is sometimes inevitable. But try to avoid the hard physical punishments for it could make children rebellious in thoughts and actions.

Attract your children to the wellness of morals rather than the materialism. Teach them to have firm belief in Allah for everything that happens. This is important for their character building.

Role of the society:

In society, comes the friends circle, the neighbourhood and the people in town. Try to live in a habitat which is healthy for you and your family. And above all it must be comfortable, healthy and grooming for your children.

Guide your children in their relations with the respective classes and factors of the society.

Live like the best friend with your childeren. Make them share their problems, events and issues. Give them time and give them best.

Image result for parents guidance
Be the best friends of your children

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